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Video: Who You Gonna Call? Artists’ Rights And Law Enforcement Panel UGA Artists Rights Symposium Jan 23 

Who you Gonna Call? Law Enforcement and Artists’ Rights   Amanda Williams, Songwriter, Songwriter Advocate Detective Superintendent Peter Ratcliffe, Police IP Crime Unit City of London Police Carlos Linares, VP Anti-Piracy Legal Affairs RIAA Ellen Seidler, Filmmaker, Writer, Producer, Digital Citizens Alliance Kevin Phelan,  Senior Supervisory Agent, FBI Palo Alto CA 1:15- 2:15 PM Chris Castle of MusicTech Policy … Continue reading

Video: Grassroots Advocacy Panel at University of Georgia Terry College Artists Rights Symposium Jan 23 2018 

  The UGA Terry College Music Business Certificate Program hosted an Artists’ Rights Symposium Jan 22-23 2018.  Over 250 people attended the symposium. Above is the video of the Grassroots Artists Advocacy Panel. An Overview of the State of Grassroots Artists’ Rights Advocacy Mala Sharma, Georgia Music Partners Blake Morgan, Performer, #IRespectMusic Miranda Mullholland, Performer, … Continue reading

Barf. Just Barf. 

David Israelite of the NMPA and Mitch Glazier of the RIAA  have penned an op-ed for Variety Magazine, in which they extoll the virtues of various copyright reform proposals before congress.  While I agree with them about the Classics Act (fixes pre-1972 loophole)  AMP act (helps producers/engineers receive royalties from digital royalty streams) every day … Continue reading

RIPE is the FIFA of the Internet and it Enables Europe’s Internet Crime 

This is a guest post by Volker Rieck.  Mr. Rieck has spent considerable time investigating Private Layer a web hosting company that seems to be favored by many copyright infringing sites. Unfortunately Rieck’s investigation has been stonewalled by the quasi governmental organization RIPE.    According to Wikipedia: “RIPE or The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre … Continue reading

Guest Post by @schneidermaria: An Open Letter to David Israelite of the NMPA, and Anyone Interested in the Music Modernization Act 

Dear Mr. Israelite, I received your point-by-point response that you apparently shared with legislators and interested persons in response to my 10-point critique of the MMA. Thank you for your perspective. Perspective is important. But in my opinion, your letter contains misdirection, many important omissions, and inaccuracies. I explain this below, and in much greater … Continue reading

@CISACNews: Copyright “safe harbours” distort digital market, profit tech giants and harm creators, new economic study finds 

This study showing the negative economic effects of safe harbors is great timing as we are reviewing multiple brand new safe harbors proposed to great fanfare in the Music Modernization Act that protect Spotify.  More on this to come as we review the welcome study by economist Stan Liebowitz, Ashbel Smith Professor of Economics at … Continue reading