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Professor Michael Geist’s Fingerprints are on Bogus Human Rights Claim Against Canada. 

Yesterday I published an article detailing the Human Rights complaint against Canada by David Kaye a so-called “UN Rapporteur for Freedom of expression.”  While citizens of authoritarian governments worldwide are subject to restraints on freedom of expression, Professor David Kaye decided the four alarm fire for freedom of expression is a rather modest proposal to … Continue reading

Did you hear the one about Bono? 

Bono, you know the singer in U2.  Also a venture capitalist. Anyway this is a joke that has been floating around the music business since probably the early 1990s.   There are a dozens of versions of it.  I have no idea who originally came up with the joke. But here’s the version told to … Continue reading

Latest Draft of the Music Modernization Act 

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
The 2nd Draft of Music Modernization Act 3/22/18 was released publicly today.  We are reviewing and will post comments in the coming days. The first thing I noticed is that the tragic demonstration of the raw lobbying power of Big Tech: The litigation reach back safe harbor seems to still be…

@musictechsolve: How to Fix The Music Modernization Act’s Flawed “Audit” Clause — Music Tech Solutions 

The famous old Russian proverb reminds us to trust but verify. That’s been the story in the record business since the cylindrical disc. All the “modernization” in the world will not soothe songwriter’s genetic suspicion of their accounting statements. Unfortunately, the controversial Music Modernization Act creates a quasi-governmental organization with no oversight, and that has weak and punitive audit clauses for songwriters. We are told that songwriters should appreciate what they’re given because they never had audit rights under the current statutory license. Of course, if you run the risk of being financially punished if you exercise a right, that’s not much of a right at all. So let’s not do the usual two steps forward, three steps back. Continue reading